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Beale Street, Memphis, TN
Baker & Associates is based in Memphis, Tennessee - which is a pretty good place to be based for music. We've produced musical scores for national advertiser's such as McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Pepsi, Goodyear, Nexxus, and Trustworthy Hardware Stores but more importantly is what we do at the local level. That's our unique selling point; producing national quality production for an advertiser regardless of their size.

With our rich musical heritage comes a diverse talent pool ready to produce a musical signature that will capture the essence of whatever type of business. From a funeral parlor (play Dudley Mortuary) to a Tattoo Parlor (play Dermographic Productions). From rap (play Deveroe's) to reggae (play Ricks Marine). Music from around the world (play Formosa), Greek (play Santa Lucia), or south of the border (play Cafe Santa Fe). We even created a new music style, country/rock/rap (play Professional Bartending). And sometimes a novelty approch is the way to go (play Horne's Pest Control). You name it we've done it!

Frank Baker, president of Baker & Associates, has been working with all electronic media for over 30 years and has worked all over North America. Frank subscribes to the theory that; "As much as the client's name goes on the air so does mine". Contact us for a demo or more information.